How To Fix Ink System Failure Error on HP Printers? [Solution]

"How To Fix Ink System Failure Error on HP Printers?" is the most asked question by HP printer user when them fond the problem on Ink System. Before answer this question we need to know about the character of the HP printer machine. 

HP Inkjet Printer in generally have a simple mechanical machine, if compared with HP laserjet printer. Some times, it makes us more irritating when an obnoxious error message pops up in HP�s �smart� Inkjets. 

We and other users of HP Inkjet Printer found numerous cases of an �ink System Failure� message on our HP Inkjet Printer. This error message appears either on the computer or the printer control panel. As per the accordance of HP printer support technicians, the �Ink System Failure� error code is accompanied by numerous numbers and letters in an alphanumeric code. 

Causes of errors and fleeting solutions:

(1) It is a problem with the printhead, therefore try cleaning the printhead.

(2) Its an issue that can be resolved by simply resetting the printer.

(3) It can be resolved by replacing the printhead. However ordering a replacement printhead is mission impossible on the HP website.

(4) Its an issue related to the use of non-genuine or depleted cartridges, and can be fixed by installing new HP cartridges.

(5) It is because of cartridges having their air vents blocked.

(6) It can be fixed be replacing the CMOS battery within the printer, that keeps track of print history (Good luck with that).

(7) It can be fixed by doing a nozzle check by accessing a secret support menu.

There are detail numerous solution to fix Ink System Failure Error on your HP Printers. 

Solution 1: (Using Original HP Ink Cartridges)

If the ink cartridges aren�t compatible with your HP printer, it might encounter an error. So, it�s highly recommended that try to use a legitimate ink or toner cartridges. You can check the printer cartridges authenticity by following this guidance:

(1) Click the �HP Sure Supply� section. If required, choose the region/country.

(2) Continue with the on-screen steps to order new cartridges and look for the compatibility of it with your printer.

Solution 2: (Resetting the Printer)

To reset your HP printer, you can follow the steps bellow:

(1) Start or turn on your HP printer if it isn�t done yet. 

(2) Wait until your printer is idle during the process before you continue the task. 

(3) With your printer powered on, you�re required to unplug the power cord from the back of your printer. 

(4) Disconnect the electrical cord from the outlet. Wait for 60 seconds.

(5) Plug the cord back into the outlet. Connect the power cord again to the back of your printer. 

(6) Start your printer if it doesn�t turn on automatically. When the lights and the cartridges start flashing and moving, your printer might go through the warm-up phase.

(7) Wait until the preparation time completes and your HP printer is idle and silent before continuing.

Solution 3: (Inspecting the Ink Levels)

Sometimes, this error may be caused by a low or empty ink cartridge. If you see the 'Ink Message' message before an error is found, then replace the ink cartridge to resolve the problem. Open the HP printer control panel to check the Ink Estimates.

Solution 4: (Cleaning the Ink Cartridge Vents)

To cleaning the Ink Cartridge Vents, Please follow these steps to know how to clean it corectly:

(1) Gather a clean, dust-free cloth and dry cotton cloth. Softly clean the copper-colored contact on one of the cartridges. 

(2) Clean the contact with a dry, dust-free cloth before you go to the next step. Follow the same process for several ink cartridges. 

(3) Reinsert ink cartridges carefully into the slot, and then press it down and forward until it is placed into position. 

(4) Ensure every colored dot the cartridge label matches to the dot on the print carriage. Now, close your cartridge access door.

(5) See the printer control panel or system to make sure if the error exists.

Solution 5: (Cleaning the Printhead)

Some time, a clogged print head can cause several issues and prevent you from using the printer. At such time, you can clean it to restore the printer quality and get your printer back to work. Go to the printer control panel and use the automated tool to clean the printhead properly. If this solution didn�t work, it might be possible that the printhead may be installed incorrectly. So, you should try to reset it again to fix the error.

Solution 5: (Replacing the Printhead)

When you replace the printhead, it might be helpful to take the expert�s assistance. You need to do it carefully. Before removing the cartridges, wait until you have a new printhead assembly. Never leave the ink cartridge outside your HP printer longer than 30 minutes. Otherwise, it can damage both your printer and the ink cartridge.

However, if the HP Printer 'Ink System Failure' error still persists, immediately call an HP customer service number and contact a professional to correct all problems related to the HP printer without wasting your time.

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