Evil Killer v1.4 Apk Mod (Unlimited Health)

Evil Killer Apk Mod - is an escape escape escape in a mysterious haunted neighbor. Your mission involves lifting the curse from the surrounding environment and getting rid of evil ghosts. All new survival escape simulator games for game lovers survive full of horror and paranormal activity. Breakthrough from this mysterious mysterious city of horror and neighbors with cobwebs. The adventure of hero escape adventure is very challenging and interesting. There are jinn that roam everywhere, use your camera flashlight to get rid of it. There are evil houses and evil synagogues haunted by demons. This terrible paranormal activity is inevitable. Only you can escape from this city to become a super hero. Keep collecting clues and batteries so the flashlight can survive. Staying here is not a simple task. Survive the dangers of dark crime and escape the creepy streets with cobwebs and neighboring tombs. This haunted house is dark and lonely without any residents to be seen anywhere. The mission of survival involves searching for clues to escape and survive. Your survival is only possible if you win the battle with the haunted beasts. There are no police officers or commandos or professional ghost hunters to fight your battles. Make them run away before they attack you. Hunting ghosts in Vegas's mysterious streets in the most frightening game of "Crime Killer".

  • Play Interesting Games
  • Amazing 3D Haunted Town
  • Collect the battery to stay alive
  • Smooth and intuitive controls
  • A thrilling and challenging mission
  • Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics
  • Hide and search games with evil ghosts
  • Size : 82 Mb
  • Mode : Offline
  • Genre : Horor
  • Unlimited Health

Download Evil Killer v1.4 Apk Mod

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