Fidget Hero Ninja v1.6 Apk Mod (Unlocked All Levels)

Fidget Hero Ninja Apk Mod - As Fidget Hero Ninja & Secure your city with super hero strength. Use your shaking fighting skills & Kung fu fighting skills to kill gangsters, criminals & Mafia bosses. There are many crimes in the city and people need real heroes as their advocates. The Japanese mafia boss and his criminal team spread terror into city streets by killing and fighting. Begin the final battle between the restless Ninja Warrior and the gangsters in the city center. The Ultimate ninja mission is spying, murder and guerrilla warfare. Hero Ninja Fidget is a crime game where crime rates in the city are very extreme and you will save the people with your rumbling and kung fu fighting ability. Police and armed forces are unable to deal with city crime and murderous criminals in this super hero ninja game. You must act like a city police for the survival of a great city with your amazing super powers. It's time to turn on a real super hero adventure adventure in this ninja fighting game. There are gangsters and criminals everywhere in this city. Now it's your turn to fight like a boss and the citizens are free from criminals. This is a final battle adventure with an epic Kung Fu Ninja Fighting adventure for combat action game lovers!

  • Stealth mode and ninja master battle style in the shadows
  • Some combat weapons and combat gameplay
  • Stealth and combat movements between ninja fights
  • Involve Background music with HD graphics
  • Realistic stealth and combat movements
  • Players Punch, Power up and Combo
  • Intuitive controls and modern weapons
  • Turn on the ninja
  • Version : 1.6
  • Size : 53 Mb
  • Mode : Offline
  • Genre : Adventure,Action,Open World
  • Unlocked All Levels

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